Two-line solar station "S" 3/4" MEIBES

CODE: MEI45705.5

List price: 426.86   

Price: 355.72  (Including tax)

You save: 71.14  (17%)
Two-line solar station S 3/4” with flow volume display 1-13 l/min. Solar pump module as two-line design, complete with shut-off ball valves, including
thermometer and metallic non return valve (manually adjustable) integrated in the ball
valve, solar-compatible circulating pump, safety module incl. pressure gauge and KFE
ball valve, and safety valve already integrated, multi-function fitting with flow rate control
and shut-off element respectively, KFE ball valve and connection for an expansion
vessel on the suction side of the pump with flow volume display (combination display
for propylene glycol mixture 40% and water),  without permanent air bleeder.


Controller is not included.