Pellet boiler Pelling ECO 25

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Pellet boiler Pelling ECO 8-25 kW

              „Pelling ECO“ is semi automatic pellet boiler intended for heating of family houses and apartment buildings.

  • The boiler is equipped with an control unit which is regulated by flame temperature. Regulation determines the amount of pellets, which is needed to achieve the desired temperature by analyzing flame temperature . When desired temperature in the boiler is reached or received a command from room thermostat, the boiler shuts down. After the water temperature in the boiler has decreased the boiler starts up again.

    The combustion burner for pellets is molded from cast iron and provides complete combustion and long life in all working conditions. Combustion is supported by a suction fan, and as a result of it ash is blown into ash pan which is located directly below the firebox. Boiler is constructed with tubular heat exchangers with turbulators that provide greater efficiency compared to conventional boilers.
    Tube exchangers increase the surface of the heat transferr to the water, and also reduce the flow and temperature of exhaust gases, and therefore reduce the consumption of energy and pellet.


    Pelling boiler responds to demands of the central system and can easily meet the need to increase the power due to ten different operation strengths and automatic switching. If there is a need to increase the power, the regulation system automatically increases the operation strength which leads to increased dosage of pellets and, proportionately, increased amount of the blown air in the combustion chamber.

    Boiler "Pelling ECO" was created in accordance with the European standard EN 303-5: 2012, and belong to the highest class of pellet boilers - Class 5